Screenprints of an ongoing series.

The serie itself contains about a 150 drawings and illustrations, ranging from very abstract works to very detailed illustrations.
Always in the same rough pendrawn style and only colors used are red, blue and black with a few exceptions of green drawings.
In 2018 I started the long cherished idea of enlarging these minimalistic drawings by method of screenprinting them.
Translating the chaotic and rough nature of pen drawings but also having a clean, unique and full of color look to them. So it gave them their own place next to the original drawings of years ago.

Both the series of pen drawings/illustrations and screenprints are still ongoing projects and will continually updated and extended.

Series started in 2011.
Drawings pen on paper 9x14.
Screenprints on paper 42x59.
Select screenprints will be up for sale in the future.

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